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The Quantum Leap Program

Master Your Business. Transform Your Life.

A 15 Month Program For Leaders Committed To Mastering Their Business & Reaching Financial Independence Faster Then They Ever Thought Possible

What is the Quantum Leap Program?

The Quantum Leap Program is Australia’s leading mastermind tailored to entrepreneurs and business leaders dedicated to building a highly profitable enterprise and in doing so reach a point of sustainable financial freedom within the next decade. Led by Dan Floros, the program is limited to a cross section of no more than 20 focused business leaders at a time committed to transforming their businesses, their financial health, and their lives.

What is the Quantum Leap Process?

Our approach to delivering elevated profits that are re-invested towards scalable business growth and compounding wealth is based on:

4 Mastermind Workshops per year covering the fundamental principles of Leadership, Business, & Wealth

Monthly Online Q&A’s that smooth the way and ensure our insights are implemented

One-on-One Monthly Accountability Sessions with your personal mentor ensuring you remain on track and on target

Additional Quick-Fire Sessions also available with your mentor upon request

Access to the Quantum Library, our online learning portal available 24/7

Access to the 4 Day MBA which looks at the application of core drivers for the success of any enterprise

Quantum Development Days throughout the year where special topics are covered according to pressing needs of our students as well as strategic insights from thought lading experts

Social functions bringing all our stakeholders together for the purposes of sharing ideas and cementing long-term relationships

The Quantum Leap Program is guaranteed. Within the first 3 months if we fall short of your expectations, your investment is totally refunded

What is covered?

Led by Dan Floros, the program is essentially divided across ten key areas.

Instinctively, successful people understand that focus is important to achievement, especially when it comes to guiding an enterprise across the myriad of challenges it will encounter across time. How a leader thinks, operates, and translates time on a year to year, day to day basis is by far the most critical driver affecting the growth and success of any business.  In this opening fundamental you will learn what it takes to lead by personal example, how to manage your mind through a simple yet effective framework used by a multitude of business leaders cross the globe.

Can you say what your strategy is in twenty-five words or less?  Most business leaders are fuzzy about what the business they are leading stands for, what it communicates, where it is headed. Having the right corporate vision, supported by a mission and a set of values that are aligned and pointing in the direction is where it all begins.  It is the true north of any enterprise and as such it is critical that this strategic direction is clearly understood by all stakeholders both inside and outside the company. At the end of this focal point unit you will have a clear understanding as to why your business exists and where it is going.

Attracting a steady stream of leads, converting them to customers and then long-term clients is one of the two most important requirements to highly successful organisations.  As both your inbound and outbound marketing develops through this unit, you will start looking at making important connections: product and service connections, business connections, and money connections. You’ll look at your advertising and marketing differently and gain the ability to think outside the box and look outside your normal range of business applications to find solutions – solutions that mean big profits to you.

In the new economy where everything is moving faster and it’s only going to get faster, there is a great advantage for even the smallest start up entrepreneur to test, take a position in, and eventually dominate a niche market through a streamlines, well targeted online strategy.  The arrival of the internet has provided opportunities that were once open to a few corporations. In this powerful unit, you will learn and together wth your mentor integrate a lead generating as well as an ongoing strategy that communicates with your target market like never before.

Nothing occurs in business until a sale takes place. It is the sale that initiates the entire production process. It activates businesses and factories, provides jobs for the employees, pays salaries and wages, pays taxes and dividends, advertising investment, and determines the entire direction of society.  The ability to sell is essential to the survival and success of any business. Your ability to guide the customer down a predetermined sales model is vital to the entire sales process and the success of your business. In this unit we build a sales model.

Of all the key roles that belong to the business leader, that of consistently reviewing, refining, and streamlining the business so that everyone is pointing and working on a common set of goals and outcomes is critical.  In this unit we show you how to build a lean corporate structure that grows without the constraints of an increasingly overburdened corporate overhead.  The most profitable companies always operate off the lightest possible blueprint, and we show you the way to create such a business.

Together with keeping an eye on corporate structure and deployment of resources, the other key role of the business executive is that of creating a culture that fits the organisational mission.  A culture that fits the organisation well opens up to getting things done quickly and accurately which in turn become a competitive advantage. In this unit we develop your own unique corporate style that leads to nimbleness and effectiveness.

Building a business that operates independently of its founder is the goal of every business owner. Embedding the correct measures and systems to this end becomes far easier to implement once you have the correct approach and process. Done correctly, you align your strategic vision with the core values of all employees and as such free your people up to being the best they can be. In this unit, we show you how to inspire and lead your whole team and in the process free up more time to focus on the key drivers that make the greatest difference in the way you lead your business.

Does the word “accounting” make you want to run for the hills? It shouldn’t. Accounting is simply a ‘report card’. The aim is to take this report and turn it into a ‘scorecard’. Accounting or the ability to understand the numbers in your business is an essential part of your business, and is no more complicated than learning to read the scoreboard of your business. This scoreboard is critical in not only giving you a snapshot as to the state of health of your business, but of equal importance is that through it you will commit to less management decisions that lead to a loss of precious resources, and more decisions that lead to elevated bottom line profits.

Business is an intellectual sport.  It is time you developed a better way of making more right decisions.

Only four percent of people living today will ever reach a point of financial independence, defined as the ability to sustain an ideal lifestyle through passive investments. Many business owners do well in creating streams of cash flow as they master the fundamentals of business over time, but unfortunately a much smaller number invest in their financial health. Building a successful enterprise when done correctly, should build your financial fortress in simple lock step.  Today, becoming financially free is far easier than ever before once you understand the science of financial independence. This unit is your key to financial freedom.

The Mini M.B.A – Know Your Numbers. Grow Your Business.

What results to expect?

As you complete, integrate, and implement the strategies, insights, and tactics covered within the QLP, you will realise the following outcomes:

  • Lead your business from the front by focusing on no more than a few key areas as you outsource, delegate, and eliminate what is not within your area of excellence. In essence you will be moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious one.
  • Design and implement a winning strategy for your business. Our promise is that you will gain the skills and fundamental insights that will totally transform the way you think and manage your enterprise. Clearly, concisely, and in time.
  • Increase bottom line business profits derived from fewer yet more effective resources that are clearly allocated to produce maximum results. You will understand and fully integrate the key steps to creating a positive and increasing cash flow.
  • Geometrically grow your business through a clear market positioning underpinned by a simple yet highly effective marketing and sales approach.
  • Understand the numbers be they financial or operational so that you the leader can make clear and quick decisions on what you should do next.
  • Build a culture and organisational structure that removes delay and creates transparency so that what needs to get done by your team gets done quickly and easily.
  • Create a simple wealth plan that you can easily follow and as a result move down the path to your financial independence and peace of mind.
  • Develop cash flow strategies that create passive income that compounds over time.
  • Integrate everything you need in one place, giving you complete control over what matters in your business, finances, and life.

How Can I Join?

The Program is open to business owners and start up entrepreneurs within the Asia Pacific Region who are committed to understanding and building an organisation that returns healthy profits and at the same time accelerates the business owner towards a position of financial independence.

We are very careful as to who we allow to join the Quantum Leap Program as we take only 20 successful applicants at a time, following initial Discovery and Alignment Sessions.

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