Build a smarter, better, more profitable business.

Streamlining your enterprise so that it consistently delivers exceptional results year in, year out is based on sound business principles.

Our Programs

We offer two world-class programs, designed to accelerate you towards a sustainably profitable business and greater degrees of personal freedom.

The Quantum Leap Program

This is a rare opportunity to join Australia’s leading mastermind program tailored to business leaders who are dedicated to building a highly profitable enterprise, and in the process reach a point of sustainable financial freedom. Led by Dan Floros, the program is limited to no more than 20-focused business leaders committed to transforming their businesses, their financial health, and their lives.

The Essential MBA With Dan Floros

Get exclusive access to Quantum Institute founder and Program creator Dan Floros’ latest ideas and fundamental tools as part of a group of equally extraordinary entrepreneurs. Dan’s workshop based Essential MBA focuses on delivering consistent growth through a deliberate focus on critical factors. Presented over four high impact days, the program will show you how to design and implement strategic initiatives that make a significant difference to your organisation.